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New kiln to East London - Art Versatile  
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I would like to say that the goods were delivered at the farm yesterday. You just can't believe the way I'm so excited seeing my dream in a tangible form. I offloaded there rest of the goods and checked them. Everything was there in the boxes; it's only the box with props that I did not unpack as yet. The kiln is had to go back to the depot since the delivery truck couldn't get closer to the structure where kiln will be standing because the ground is still wet due to the heavy rains we've had recently. The worst thing was that on its way out it got stuck as the driver tried to turn back. However a breakdown came to pull it out.

I think by Friday the kiln will eventually be delivered into the farm. I am now organising a smaller truck to bring from the depot. Please see the photos I took of the kiln........

It arrived safely and was offloaded on Friday!


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